Monday, 30 January 2012

Incubation - Day 7

Today was Day 7 - a week since the eggs were set in the incubator. Time to candle the eggs for the first time since setting to check fertility. I wasn't that hopeful, it is very early in the season and the incubator is sighted in a different place to previous settings. However all 12 of the Exchequer Leghorns were fertile - 100%.

Of the others, it was a little harder to tell. Three of the crossbreeds eggs were clear, one Barnevelder/ Partridge Welsummer was fertile, the others I can't be sure. I'll candle again in a weeks time.

I have been running the incubator dry and was prepared today to add water if I thought it was needed but the air sacs appear to be the right size, so for now I have left it still running dry and will check again on the second candling.

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