Tuesday, 3 January 2012

End of year round up

2011 ended well. There was a sudden rush of sales, resulting in all the 2011 hatched birds being sold just before Christmas.

The pen, houses and shed at home are now empty. It seems very strange not having any birds at home scratching about and generally bringing the place to life. My routine has
changed and I keep thinking I have forgotten to feed them, shut them in etc.

The breeding flocks at the yard are now back in lay and in a couple of weeks it will be time to start hatching again. In the meantime eggs are now back on sale at the gate.

Once the lambs have gone (hopefully in the next couple of weeks) we will rearrange the grass pens at the yard. All but one have held up well and still have a good covering of grass despite the very wet winter. The pen reseeded after the pigs, used by the Partridge Welsummer and Barnevelders is mostly clover and isn't holding out quite so well. If needs be I can bring them back home to the large grass pen, as we are creating a new area this year for the broody hens and chicks.

Finally the turkeys....they turned out well, they were a good size,
dressed out well and were moist and tasty.

All in all it has been a good year, no losses or illness and good hatches.

We have so many plans for 2012... all that is needed now is a little dry weather so they can start to be put into action.

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