Monday, 21 November 2011

A mixed bag

A month has passed since my last post, so just a few snippets of poultry news.

The Gold Duckwing Welsummer flock are slowly coming out of moult, new feathers are emerging
daily and in a few weeks they should all be showing off their glossy new plumage. They have yet to come back into lay.

The Exchequer Leghorns have already started laying again, having only stopped for a week or two. Their feather drop, apart from one hen was far less dramatic than the Welsummers. They are now in their 2nd year of laying and egg size has noticeably increased.

The broody flock are also coming back into lay, although frustratingly a couple of the hens are laying away. Two lay in the feed store amongst the straw and hay but I have yet to find where the Maran is laying despite many hours wasted scouring the hedge banks and all other likely spots.

The young Partridge Welsummer trio are looking fine. The pullets are laying, albeit sporadically, as are the Barnevelder pullets. The Welsummer cockerel is proving to be friendly to us and a true gentleman to the hens.

The sun at the weekend glistened on his plumage.

The young birds at home have been having the time of their lives, being allowed free range of the garden. They have done a sterling job of grubbing up weeds and bugs amongst the flower border, steps and veg patch.

Their numbers are gradually decreasing as more are sold. I have my eye on a couple of the Leghorn pullets I am debating on keeping, they are such friendly birds and their markings are very good.

At the weekend we weighed the turkeys. As they are more slender than previous years and so much lighter on their feet we were concerned they weren't making good weight. Looks however are deceptive as they are pretty much on par with previous years. The stags are weighing in at approx. 11- 12 kg, the hens 6 - 7 kg. and we still have four weeks to go.

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