Sunday, 15 May 2011

The breeding season continues... a pace. The first chicks to hatch are now 8+ weeks old and free ranging a large area. I am always nervous when first letting them out, wondering if it will be the last I see of them as they take flight over the fence into the neighbouring countryside or failing that a sparrowhawk will spot an easy lunch.

As always though they slowly make their way out of the confines of their run, at first staying close to the fence perimeter for safety but soon exploring their new world with increasing excitement and confidence. These even found their own way back to their house to roost for the night.

The older hens continue to go broody, two more over the weekend. As things stand at present I have the three broody hens whose eggs are due to hatch in the next few days, a broody who has been installed into the poultry shed and who will receive a clutch of Welsummer
eggs tonight, another hen threatening grievous bodily harm to anyone human or otherwise who dares to approach her and a Welsummer hen who hasn't quite yet decided.

Typically the two hens I am hoping/willing to go broody have so far ignored my pleadings. Maybe it is the mention of turkey eggs.

The poor goose who had her eggs stolen and who went off lay for a while after, has now decided to sit on just two eggs. I do hope they hatch.

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