Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hens at home

Most of my livestock is kept on land in a neighbouring village but I do have room at home for a small number of poultry and the occasional orphan lamb. The poultry numbers and 'type' vary according to the time of year. Throughout the summer months it is mostly broodies and young chicks. This time of the year I have any of the birds left over when putting together the breeding groups, collectively they are referred to as the laying flock. Possibly not the most apt label, as the Dorkings have yet to come into lay this season, a Light Sussex is just going into moult and although very close, the young Maran pullets have yet to produce an egg.

Photos: Sheltering from the cold wind. Silver Dorking and Marans.

The two breeds do appear to have teamed up together

The Marans act as guardians of the pen, always ready to see off any intruder

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