Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Cockerels -Table birds

Photo: Cockerels - Indian Game cross Australorp and Indian Game cross Ixworth. 2010 hatch.

It really is time for the cockerels to go. The meat birds should have gone before Christmas and now I have made my decision on which of the Exchequer Leghorn cockerels to keep the two spare also need to be dispatched before any fighting breaks out. The Indian Game cockerel and the 'Improved' Indian Game I will keep a little longer, giving them more time to mature before I decide on their fate.

Once the meat cockerels have gone I will be able to replace the fencing in their run, scrub and stain the house and allow the ground to rest before using it again. The fencing is in desperate need of revival, it was originally put in place when my husband's grandfather was still alive - 40+ years ago.

Photos: Indian Game/ Australorp cross cockerels 2010 hatch.

Indian Game/ Ixworth cross 2010 hatch

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