Friday, 14 May 2010

...and finally !!!

....the goose has laid !!

Over three months later than previous years our goose has finally laid.

Last year I drastically reduced the number of geese I had, keeping only old Henry Hissalot and his mate. I didn't have the heart to rehome Henry, he is at least 30 years old and we are his 4th or 5th owners.

I had put the lack of eggs down to the age of the pair, as one of their daughters, now rehomed with friends, has been laying prolifically for months.

Although disappointed in the lack of eggs I wasn't too concerned as I had already decided I wasn't going to hatch any young this year.

Now I shall just leave them to it, if she decides to lay a clutch and sit, fine but I won't intervene at all......goslings would be quite nice though.

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