Sunday 28 February 2010


After weeks of trying to reduce the egg mountain by cooking, freezing, pickling, giving away, selling to friends and neighbours in fact doing any and everything you can possibly do with an egg we took the plunge at the weekend and put a sign on the garden gate *Eggs for Sale*. Admittedly sales have been slow but I am optimistic that they will improve.

Not helping the egg situation but good news all the same.... today I am fairly sure the darkest of the Indian game pullets laid her first egg. Over the past few days her comb and face have been getting redder and the cockerel has been trying to tread her, so we knew she was close to lay. The egg we found in the box was not one I recognised as the Ixworth's or Australorp's (yes you do start to recognise who lays which egg) but was fairly small and rounded.

At home over the past few days I have been collecting the odd double yolker, yesterday and today there was a broken soft shelled egg in the house. I think the offender is one the Dorkings. One has been in moult for a while now. The other about to start and coming to the end of lay and think it is her rather than the other who is producing the odd eggs.

The goose is still yet to lay, nearly a month later than previous years. I'm not sure if it is a reflection on the weather or their age. I have searched every hiding place I can think of, although every year she has laid in the house, just in case she has found herself a secret nesting spot....but nothing.

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  1. You could also try putting a sign on local shop notice boards, this is how a friend who lives right in the sticks (at the end of a track only she lived on) built up a customer base for her eggs. In the end she took the signs down as she didn't get enough eggs