Saturday, 3 September 2011

Free range turkeys

This morning during the time I was at the yard, doing the weekly cleaning of the poultry houses and generally tidying around, I let the young turkey poults out for the first time. I say young, the poults are now 10 weeks old, growing fast and looking very 'turkey like'.

They have often ventured as far as the small yard in front of the stable as we saw to their daily needs but today was their first chance to venture further afield. I wish I had taken my camera, not so much for their actions but the noise. The 9 poults kept in contact via, whistles, barks, tsks and gobbles the whole time they were out. The only time they were quiet was when they froze at a sound of something unfamiliar or a shadow from over head.

After three hours I herded them back into the stable where they eagerly drank and fed before settling down for a rest, tired and grubby from their first adventure. From tomorrow they will have the choice to come and go as they please.

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