Saturday, 5 February 2011

Pullet Eggs

Photo: Gold Duckwing Welsummer eggs

Today the first of the two Maran pullets came into lay. Her egg a glossy version of the lightest of my Welsummer eggs. Other than the remaining maran, all of last years birds are now in lay.

The Welsummers are laying well, their eggs lovely and dark, some speckled, all matt. Almost from the start the eggs have been a good size, large enough to sell in the 'big' egg box rather than with the pullet eggs.

The Exchequer Leghorn eggs have taken a little longer to reach a good size but the birds have now started to produce larger eggs.

The little crossbred hens are also doing well, being crossed with an Indian Game cockerel their eggs are never going to be huge but they are of good shell quality and the birds themselves are extremely friendly.

Egg sales at the gate are far greater than I could have hoped for, most selling within an hour or so of going out, buying more layers is so tempting.

Photo: Top left egg 1st Maran egg, top far right Exchequer Leghorn, others Welsummer

Photo: A mix of eggs from last years hatch of pullets


  1. lovely - the shine on that marans egg is nice :)

  2. Her last couple of eggs have been much darker. I would be happy if it was the final colour...although darker would be nice : )